Lavender’s Package is free and given to the members who submit their credit card information for processing payments.

You don’t have to pay for anything to become a member of Lavender. You will only need to pay for what you clean.



We don’t share

Lavender collects name, phone number, and email during the signup at

We do not share or sell your information with any other party.
Lavender’s web server is secured and your personal information is safe.

Once we need to communicate with you, you will get a separate email from Other than that, you will never receive any SPAM email from us. only asks your payment information once when you signing up. Other than that, we will never ask, and you will never pay a single penny until you receive our services.


We are sensitive

Your payment information is so important that we must take care well. Our website, is 128-bit encrypted and secured SSL, supported by Comodo Security.

All payment information is 2040 bit encrypted and stored with Authorize.Net server, nation’s top 3 secure payment processor.


We don’t like Cookies

Cookies? We don’t like cookies, chocolate, peanuts, oat, etc. server does not store your browsing habits or sell anything because we do not collect anything, but clothes.

For your payment information, we only collect your payment information when you signup and start lavender services.

We never sell your information to any third party what-so-ever period. Lavender’s customers can always reach out to us via to discuss about any issues with payment processing, refund, return, etc. Your inquiry received in email will be answered within hours.



Let us know

Please let us know when you believe a problem happens.

Please do not remove the order tags – a paper tag with ID numbers attached to your garment – from your garments.

You can simply reach out to us via Contact Us or email to: We will do our best to solve the problem without any hassle.


Refund your money

If we figured that you are charged unreasonably or unexpectedly, we will refund your money right away.

The refund process will take 2-4 business days depending on your financial institution.


Credits to you

There are some financial charges that Lavender has to pay to our payment processing company.

It varies by amount, type of credit card, etc.
If we must issue a refund, we will ask you two options.

1. Get refund back to your payment credit card.
2. Get store credits of the same amount of refund amount requested plus bonus credits.

We do not force you to get credits instead of getting refund back to your credit card. However, credits are worth sometime.



48 hours turnaround

We are working overnight in order to deliver your garments back to you as soon as possible. However, some garments with heavy stains or delicate garments cannot be processed without having extra working hours.

Please schedule ahead or plan ahead as we can’t do everything within 48 hours. Please allow us to take care your garments with the best available cares. If things happen, you will get a separate email notification for delays.


Un-serviceable garments

Heavy oil stains are not coming off easily. Permanent marker is permanent. And what else?

Older the stains on your garments, harder to clean.

Please do not let stains sit on your garments for a longer time.
In those cases, we will not be able to service your garments unless we damage the fabric.

Oh! FYI, please do not expose your garments under UV for an off season. This will cause your clothes yellowing. Even bleach agents cannot treat such oxidized garments.



Since inspection and sorting jobs are done by workshop employees, human error might happen.

Lavender’s service is too obvious that there is no chance to miss your garments (All garments are from a bag and inspected per bag basis). However, misplacing might happen.

If you found a garment that is not yours, please report to us at your earliest convenience. You will get bonus credits for your generosity!

If one of your garments is missing in your bag, please look for a Black-YES-card. This means that such garment is being cleaned and cared separately. If you can’t find the Black-YES-Card, but still missing an item(s), please let us know right away.

We will try our best to find your missing garments.
If we cannot locate your garments, then you will get cash reimbursement matching to the value of your garment.
Such value will be evaluated based on brand, color, age, etc.
We will closely communicate with you if this happens to you.