Main Services

Valet Dry Cleaning

Lavender’s most signature service. Lavender's no-presence pickup and delivery system with 48 hour turnaround make your life easier.

Valet Laundry

Lavender’s very famous service for busy customers. Save more than 20 hours a month and spend it for your leisure. Be more productive with our Valet Laundry Services.

Uniform Services

Neither pay more for cleaning your employee’s uniforms nor give them burden of cleaning their uniforms. Use Lavender’s Uniform Service and keep your business look clean at all time.

Wholesale Service

No matter what types of retail setups you have, Lavender will provide the best wholesale price and services for your retail outlet. Please contact us for more information and setup a schedule for a meeting.

Corporate Service

Our corporate service department serve and manage Hotels, Restaurants, Spa & Salons, Hospitals, Schools, Government Agencies, and all type of corporate accounts. We promise three things; 1. Fast Turnaround 2. Affordable Rates 3. Seamless Communication. With Lavender, your business and services will be appreciated by your customers.

Serving College Students

Lavender understands the complexities that you, as a resident college student, may have during your living at a dorm. Lavender will ease your college life. School official's approval may be needed. Please contact us for more information.

Who We Are

TEAM LAVENDER always do the best for delivering our mission to you.


LAVENDER offers complimentary valet dry cleaning services. With our Lavender Package invention, you can enjoy our service without leaving your home. Our service does not require extra fees for 48 hours turnaround, pick-up and delivery, or gratuity for your convenience.

LAVENDER guarantees all products to be delivered within 48 hours and offers the most reasonable prices for all of your dry cleaning needs.

LAVENDER strictly governs reducing unnecessary costs in operations, increasing convenience of service for our customers, and creating social value for the global community.

Welcome to LAVENDER. Let us make your life easier.

Our Mission


Cheapest does not always mean affordable. We believe that affordability comes with the reasonable price and the quality of service, which our customers believe.


No matter what type of garments you have for your dry cleanings, we care them the most. You expect us to bring your garments back within 48 hours - as always.


LAVENDER is a socially responsible enterprise. We are a part of the global community, and helping our neighbors is our responsibility.